Media Logica is focussed on increasing media literacy among high-school students in the Netherlands. In an era where the media landscape is continually evolving, and (social) media assumes a growing prominence in various aspects of life, it is important for young individuals to critically assess the dominant role of media and comprehend the potential (both positive and negative) effects of media usage.

We provide classes covering diverse societal communication-related topics, developed within our department. These classes are given by enthusiastic and trained communication science students and appropriate for levels 4vwo, 5vwo, and 6vwo. The goals of Media Logica are to share knowledge, raise awareness, provide a glimpse into the academic world, and, above all, make it an enjoyable and educational hour! The Media Logica classes are free of charge.

Alumni play an important role in our education. Drawing from their valuable experiences in the professional world, they bring fresh perspectives that enrich our learning environment. Simultaneously, we provide them with the latest knowledge from the realm of research, fostering a mutually beneficial network – a vibrant community of continuous learning.

To strengthen this collaboration and promote lifelong learning, we organize several alumni events annually. These events offer opportunities to build meaningful connections, stay updated on new developments, and expand professional networks. Each event highlights a relevant topic in communication studies, showcasing insights from both communication scientists and professionals in the field.

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