The DM&B lab serves as an incubator for collaborative research aimed at shaping a positive future for our increasingly digital society. Shifting from an information-driven society to a digital one, it becomes evident that digital technology has become an integral part of nearly every facet of our lives. Together with partners from within and outside academia, our aim is to chart a path towards a sustainable, prosocial, and resilient society.

Image by rawpixel.com on Freepik


On Monday, February 12th, we officially launched the Digital Media and Behavior Lab in the Yellow Room of the Café Living here at the VU! The event started with the official logo being revealed by Lab Directors Philipp and Ivar. After an introduction of the lab’s scope and goals, two of our students, Joëlle Kat and Sanne van den Berg, shared some exciting insights from the ongoing impact project Media Logica. In this project, we aim to increase media literacy among high-school students in the Netherlands.

In a “Radical Grassroot Funding” session, guests of the event were then randomly assigned to groups of 4 to 5 people in which they developed interesting research or impact ideas on topics such as algorithmic news feeds, media literacy, virtual reality, privacy, or media use and well-being. After voting for the best four proposals, four teams pitched their ideas to the entire audience. After the pitches, everybody was able to invest (monopoly) money in these projects. As these projects materialize, the DM&B Lab will equal the amount of invested play money with actual seed funds to get the projects off the ground! We are excited to support these projects in the coming months.

The successful launch concluded with some good conversations while enjoying a snack and a drink. We thank everyone who joined us in celebrating the opening of our lab!